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Our services include
Market research, information search
We do market research, investigations, surveys.
We have a broad experience from many areas of industry.

Technology, product, solution search
We help you find specific technologies, products, solutions, materials, information.
We help you find solutions to technical or business problems. 
We have a broad experience from many areas of industry.

Management consulting, advisory services
We give you all the business advise your business needs, based on experience from many cases from different industries. And of course, we help you implement all your ideas and run the implementation project.

Business development
We help you establish your business in Scandinavia and set up a sales or development office. 
We help you start-up your new business idea and develop the strategies so you avoid mistakes and get to the market faster.
We help you make a business plan, or a market plan.

Partner and distributor search
We help you search for partners, distributors, or agents. 

Our main areas of work are Internet, ICT, Telecom, Biotech.

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