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eHealth, bioinformatics
Below are some fields we have done work in

Telemedicine - Large distances and low population density combined with a very high IT maturity in Sweden has led to many interesting solutions within the telemedicine area. 
The use of telemedicine opens the possibilities to improve the organisation of the care process and enables a substantial cost saving potential and use of scarce resources.

Some examples where telemedicine is used in Sweden are:
- Distance monitoring of physiological signals.
- Distance monitoring of ultrasound and X-ray examinations.
- Decision Support Systems aimed for doctors working in small health-care centers.

Bioinformatics applications
A large number of companies develop bioinformatics applications. A few examples are:

- R&D applications such as virtual screening, structural bioinformatics and molecular modelling.

- Advanced IT solutions to the most important technology companies in biotechnology.

- Decision support tools to enhance the efficiency of drugs research.

- Health monitoring services comprise such areas as stress, working environment, ergonomics, diet, exercise, sleep and smoking.